Asherons call decal plug-ins

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Asherons call decal plug-ins

Decal Logo Decal is a plugin environment that provides developers a framework with which to create Plugins that interface with Asheron's Call. Current Decal plugins and metas for emulators. Includes everything most people will ever need. See Decal setup for instructions and the Virindi Wiki for help. I did not create these plugins, the purpose of this site is to provide an ease of AC+, Flynn, This plugin provides a variety of enhancements to Asheron's Call. A plugin environment for Asheron's Call. Fixed crash when minimizing AC while Decal view rendering is enabled. Get Plugins. View the "official". After playing Asheron's Call for a few years, I decided to write a few small plugins in my spare time, mostly for fun and for the challenge. I don't play Asheron's. Decal is one of the most widely used third party programs for Asheron's Call (AC). It's used by The same goes for all future Decal Plugins, put them in here. Name, Purpose, Platform, Language, Open source? Status, Version, Download? Virindi Booter, Cycles an allegiance bootlist, Decal, VB6, No, Complete,

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Asheron's Call: Vtank - Setting Up A Route, time: 9:50
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