Ligustrum obtusifolium dart spreeder

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Ligustrum obtusifolium dart spreeder

Find help & information on Ligustrum obtusifolium 'Dart's Spreader' from the RHS. Description of Ligustrum obtusifolium 'Dart's Spreader'. click here for the new site. Common name: Privet. Family: Oleaceae. We do not have a picture of this. Ligustrum obtusifolium 'Dart's Elite' ha: compact ft, fc: scented white flowers or: Ligustrum obtusifolium DART'S SPREADER® (amended 11/10) ht: 50cm tall x. Ligustrum obtusifolium has the lovely, lower cultivars 'Dart's Dressing' and 'Dart's Spreader'. The common semi-evergreen Ligustrum ovalifolium has a silver. Privet Hedge Ligustrum Ovalifolium Privet Hedge, Hedging Plants, Outdoor Ligustrum vulgare (European Privet) Hardiness Zone: 4 Height & Spread: Trumpetcreeper**, Campsis radicans (Aggressive spreader). Fox Grape**, Vitis labrusca Eastern Ninebark**, Physocarpus opulifolius 'Dart's Gold'. Old Fashioned Weigela Border Privet, Ligustrum obtusifolium. Boxwood, Buxus sp. Holly. Ligustrum ovalifolium 'Aureum'. Planting stock; tak; wortelgoed. cm site. height. veryxd.net_stock. veryxd.netnt_from_october. € 2, veryxd.net_vat.

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